Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you with making decisions for the upcoming 2018 Benefits Open Enrollment, the Benefits Department has developed a list of frequently asked questions regarding your coverage under the district-sponsored medical, dental and vision insurance plans.

When is the Open Enrollment Period?

The Annual Benefits Open Enrollment period will be held Monday, October 23, 2017 through Thursday, November 9, 2017. All coverage information & the employee self service system will be available beginning Monday, October 23, 2017.

What happens to my benefits if I do not make any changes by the deadline of November 9, 2017? What if I do not want to make any changes?

Employees not making changes to current coverage do not need to take any action

The current coverage will continue through calendar year 2018 (January – December 2018). However, please review the 2018 rates as they have increased. Once this enrollment period is closed, you will not have the opportunity to make additional changes until the next open enrollment period scheduled for the Fall of 2018. The only exception to this rule is if you experience a qualifying event as defined in the “LIFE EVENTS” section of the Benefits home page at

How can I find out what coverage is available to me?

Information on the various plans available for your bargaining unit can found by clicking on the appropriate drop down menu above “Active” or “Retired”. You will be able to view rates, medical and dental summary plan descriptions.

How can I change plans, add dependents, opt out of medical?

All plan changes for active employees must be done online through the Lawson Self-Service System.  portal. This website only works in the PC Environment using Internet Explorer 8.9 or 9.0 from a District computer within the District network. employee’s”User Name” was provided in the letter sent dated October 2, 2017. If you forgot your password, please click on the “reset password” option. For your convenience, step by step instructions for making online changes will be available on the Benefits Department Webpage:

What if I don’t have access to a computer?

For employees without access to a computer and/or PC Environment, computers will be available at the District Office in the Benefits Department. Staff will be available during hours of operation to provide personal assistance. The office will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. for the week of Monday November 6 through November 9, 2017 the office will remain open through 6:00p.m.

What documents do I need to provide if I add a dependent to my coverage?

If you are adding a dependent to your Health Plans through the online system, you must also fax or e-mail proof of dependent eligibility such as Birth Certificate, Adoption Documents, Marriage Certificate or Domestic Partnership Registration to the benefits department at FAX 619.407.4921 or E-MAIL: Failure to provide a document by November 9, 2017, will result in an incomplete enrollment and dependents will not be enrolled.

When will these changes become effective?

Changes made during this period will become effective January 1, 2018.

Who can I call with questions regarding my coverage?

If you need additional information or have any questions about your employee/dependent enrollment status, please contact the Benefits Department located at the District’s main office located at 1130 Fifth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91911. The telephone number is 619.585.4420 and the office will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., for the week of Monday, November 6 through Thursday, November 9, 2017 the office will remain open through 6:00p.m.